Sokolof Merit Scholarships

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Ruth and Phil SokolofThese scholarships are awarded by the Sokolof Scholarship Committee of the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation. Applicants must have lived in the Omaha metropolitan area for at least the past two years.

The Phil and Ruth Sokolof Honor Roll Scholarship
$10,000 merit scholarships for college or university education to two graduating Jewish high school students in recognition of their overall good character, scholastic performance, personal achievements, and community service.

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$10,000 merit scholarships to two Jewish students currently attending college or university who are pursuing a course of study leading to a career in the field of health care. 

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The Karen Sokolof Javitch Music Scholarship
Up to two annual merit scholarships to Jewish students currently attending college, university or music conservatory who are majoring in or pursuing a degree in music performance, composition or music education. 

Applications can also be requested by contacting Sokolof Scholarship Coordinator,
Diane Walker, at (402) 334-6551 or via email request to

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Please submit applications to the Sokolof Scholarship Coordinator, Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, 333 S. 132 St., Omaha NE 68154. Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered. For more information on the Sokolof scholarships, please contact Janet Henthorn at (402) 334-6551.

Nominate a Teacher Who Has Made a Difference
The Phil and Ruth Sokolof Honor Roll Fund will present an annual $10,000 award to a Jewish teacher currently teaching in the Omaha metropolitan area (who has been teaching at least 3 years), with preference to those who teach K-12. This award recognizes outstanding contributions as a teacher and mentor to the education and overall achievements of his/her students. You may nominate a teacher by writing why you think he/she deserves to win this Sokolof award. Be sure to include the teacher's school, and your name and telephone number. (There is no limit to the number of times a teacher can be nominated.)

The nomination is due by March 1, 2021, to the Sokolof Teacher’s Award Committee, Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation, 333 South 132 Street, Omaha, NE 68154. Submissions to email should be sent to Diane Walker at

Contact Diane Walker at (402) 334-6551 or with any questions.