Endowment Fund

Shirley and BuddyEstablishing an Endowment Fund at the Foundation allows you to create a permanent legacy and support the causes within the Jewish community that mean the most to you. 

An Endowment Fund is created by contributing a minimum of $10,000. You complete a simple agreement, and then fund your endowment by contributing cash, appreciated securities, a life insurance policy with the Foundation as the beneficiary, by transferring assets from a qualified retirement plan naming the Foundation as a beneficiary or through other means. 

The Foundation invests your Endowment Fund assets; income is reinvested and grows tax-free. Endowment Funds may be unrestricted or restricted. The Endowment Fund will begin annually providing income for the Jewish purpose you select one year after the fund has been established and every year thereafter in perpetuity.


  • Unrestricted Endowment Fund– Annual income is disbursed directly to the Federation for its unrestricted general use.
  • Restricted Endowment Fund – Annual income is designated for the purpose you choose. It may support any agency or program on campus.
  • Click here for more information on PACE/LOJE Funds

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Steve and Patty NoggCurrent Endowment Fund Donors

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If you do not already have online access and would like to view your endowment fund report(s) online please contact Diane Walker and she will be happy to set you up with a login and password.

Diane Walker
Fund Administrator